Complete Turnkey Fitness Services Suite for Career Professionals, Homemakers and Dad-Bods.

Want to Achieve the Best Version of You?

We Help Career Professionals and Young Parents to Set Up a Warrior Physique Foundation without Complicated Advice or Intense Gym Regimens.

Our Services

Warrior-like Fitness Mindset

35+ Yr Old Career Professionals, Mind Metabolic Rate Assessment

Warrior Physique

35+ Yr Old Career Professionals, Lifestyle Activity Consultation

Warrior Physique Retention

35+ Yr Old Career Professionals, Whistle Gut

About Us

Hi, I am Sujeet, the Founder of the Live Wellness Movement.

The Live Wellness Movement is a Fitness Education Community that Focuses on Helping its members to Flip the Right Mindset Switch to Enable them to achieve their Best Fitness Level.

The Live Wellness has the potential to Get You Into Lean Mode faster than any other activity and without complicated Information or Grueling Diets or Exercise.

It is a New Way of Solving a Very Old Problem.

How Can You Achieve the Best Performing Version of You?

A world of Infinite Options Awaits you Inside.

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